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 Post subject: What is T.S.S.R?
PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 2:00 pm 
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What is T.S.S.R?
T.S.S.R. is the Russian themed airsoft team operating in the NY-NJ-PA area. It stands for Tri-State Spetsnaz Recon. This was a project begun in 2007 by myself and a like-minded comrade. We are not a politically aligned organization. We are a group of military enthusiasts who participate in airsoft and re-enacting/re-construction. The composition of T.S.S.R. includes immigrants from the former U.S.S.R. as well as other backgrounds who are interested in Soviet and Russian military. We are milsim in nature, but we do not take ourselves too seriously. This is primarily a hobby for us.

Russian themed? What does that even mean?

That means that we try to emulate the appearance, tactics, and combat style of Russian soldiers. Specifically Russian airborne, known to Russians as VDV and desantniki. More specifically, the recon element, known to Russians as razvetchiki. There are specific kit requirements for this, which include Soviet and Russian Federation variants. What that looks like can be found here.

Who can join?
The main criteria is based on your geographic location: New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Residing closer to the axis of these three states determines your ability to actually participate in events the team attends and socializing with teammates. At the moment all members are in the Southern NY area.
Beyond that, membership in T.S.S.R. is determined by the individual character of the interested person:
- Above all else is honor, the entire concept of airsoft revolves around the honor system, so you have to convey a sense of honesty and respect, not just to teammates but adversaries on the field and other members of the community on the field and on the internet
- You should actually have an interest in the Russian theme (this should go with out saying)
- Be open-minded enough to learn to operate in a way that might be foreign or unnatural to you, The Russian Way, not just dressed as Russians but operating as Americans
- You are interested in being a member of a team and accept the responsibility of operating in a team structure, and accepting that there is a specific way we all do things, not just your way because you think you're a special and unique snow flake that can and will do anything you want your way instead of The Russian Way
- Have a sense of humor, because this is a hobby and we do have fun with it, sometimes by poking fun at each other
T.S.S.R. does not discriminate against recruits based on race, age, or ***. It is your level of maturity, physical ability to do what is asked of you, and capability to work as a member of a team that is more important and is not limited by your race, age, or ***.

What is required to join?
Your ability to participate is the most important factor. There is no point in joining if you can make it to the field. We usually carpool to events, but if you don't live in a nearby area or on the way to a field, you need your own source of transportation.
Getting appropriate kit can be time consuming, and sometimes cost you more than getting American kit. When you are just starting out, we will be evaluating you based on above mentioned criteria. A minimum of participation in two team events is required before we can consider you for full membership. To be granted full membership you will be required to at least get a a basic uniform (Flora uniform with Flora kepi, telnyashka, and black boots) and basic weapon complex (AKS74 with mid-cap magazines and razgruzka/load-bearing-vest for it). Full kit options can be found here. Some loaner kit is available for recruits, but by procuring your own kit, you are demonstrating your level of interest and commitment towards this team.

How does the team operate?
As mentioned earlier, this is primarily a hobby for us. We have real-world obligations that take priority, but this team is our escapism. At least when we can. We understand how hard it can be to maintain active participation in the hobby, but we do expect our comrades to stay active. Because this is a hobby based around a military theme, we operate within a rank structure. I am one of the founders of this team, but I have not served so I do not hold a real military rank, therefore I have taken on the least respected officer position of a praporshik (warrant officer). Everyone else is a full member of the team is a Ryadovoi (private). A recruit is a Prizivnik. Rizivniki look towards ryadovoii. And they look towards your praporshik for orders in the field and guidance on the forum. We strive for milsim, which is reflected in the events we attend (see below) and the type of kit we use (see above). We strive for uniformity, so if we are attending an event, I will determine if we are going in our Flora kits or our KLMK kits, or our Afghan kits. Emulating razvetchiki, we do not get into firefights for the sake of getting into firefights. We focus on avoiding contacts when possible for the sake of completing our missions. We operate as a squad, so that means we move in formations, we hit the dirt as a group, we engage and disengage as a group, always in support of each other and focus on the mission, not just fighting for the sake of fighting.

Where do you participate?
We generally participate at events held in the Lower Hudson Valley in NY, Central/North NJ, and Eastern PA. But we are not limited to those areas. Members have participated in events all over the East Coast and Oklahoma. Not all events call for a Russian group, in those cases we generally represent the Opfor units, or whatever faction that is likely to be armed with AKs, aligned under the Communist banner, or at least the green kit faction. As a team, we generally do not attend skirmishes. We focus most of our efforts into participating in operations because they are more milsim oriented. It is more about the experience of completing missions as a team (while doing it Russian style) than just getting trigger-time. Because the major regional and national events requirements are for riflemen to only use midcap magazines, that is the reason we use midcaps all the time. Get used to running midcaps so when you attend the major events you are already used to it. Skirmishes are typically attended as individuals, but there are rare times when we attend as a team. Those events might be in Long Island, Lower Hudson Valley in NY and North/Central NJ.

Now you know more about T.S.S.R.
If this is something that you feel you'd like to be a part of and that you'd fit in with us, please register on our forum and introduce yourself.


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