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 Post subject: Op: Red Storm East II
PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:56 am 
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I'm shocked and appalled at myself.
I just now see that there was no gallery thread for Op: Red Storm East II, almost a year after the event! :spaz:
I think I was waiting on finishing my video before posting any media, but then I never got around to finishing that. :oops:
Either way, it was only this weekend that I saw the Lion Claws album from this event, which had more photos featuring me than I thought.
Still not enough though... :roll:

I took every few photos because I was trying to capture video while I was hit. And even then, there was rare stuff worthy documenting. All the really exciting things were happening while I was alive! Many of the photos are ones that I collected from the LC gallery.

So here is what I got that is somewhat worth sharing
First off, how well my 6ш104 rig integrated over my 6б13 body armor.
And don't worry, my pants are in fact bloused. It's just that they are Mabuta style, so they have gaitors. So it is bloused and at the same time over the boot! And this was out of game, during a break time. Where I was sporting my high visibility вдв beret, looking all super snazy in my Gucci sunglasses. The beret was in my butt pouch during game play.
From actual game play. During game time I was wearing my 6б7 (6б27?) helmet.
From the front.
And from the back
ImageI love seeing my all Flora kit. I feel it just looks so damn good. :grin:

This was a Russian themed event. Unfortunately, I was the only one in all Russian kit. There were a number of guys in partial Russian kit.
Our fearless leader, Sgt. Dobroff
Some guy in Berkezka Bekas uniform
This might have been the same guy, or perhaps a 2nd guy in Beryzka Bekas suit.
Some guy in just a Partizan/SS Summer top
Some fat guy in Gorka-R (or some other Gorka variant), which isn't even green! :furious:
And there was this wannabe cyborg mess
Glad to say we are no longer affiliated with that mess.

This is why for Op: Red Storm East II we need some quality Russian representation. Why we should show up and rock that place.

Some more shots of those that played as "The Russians"
Our leadership
MVP or something, I don't remember why he got awarded that beret
At least some of of the players did sport Russian flags. Some had USSR flags. Some wore US flags despite playing as Russians
Fun way to engage up a stairway!

I think I was going for "the most interesting man alive" pose
Once upon a time, this was a cafeteria, with a behind me a bowling alley!

Most of the action I was involved in, it was mostly support roles. Or just fighting our way through to gain territory, or hold territory against advances. Very little directly related to specific missions. But they were happening in the background. One of the things I did directly help was getting this weapons cache out of the complex

With my super crappy budget, I was able to attend by simply selling out! Thank you sponsor!

Are you guys interested in seeing the actual facility, or I don't need to bother with uploading those photos?
I took them during the preliminary walk-around done Friday.

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