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VDV Recon Training Video from 1997

Tue Dec 31, 2013 4:06 am

These are clips from training or trials of VDV razvetka from the 1990s.
I am assuming this is the mid-1990s by the use of VSR and unknown (to me) razgruzka along with the lifchik v2/poyus A razgruzka.

The first clip goes over their loadouts. Here they just use their RD-54 with whatever razgruzka they got their hands on. Like in the later videos, they mention that they carry explosives. C3 I believe. Those small red bricks. They mention it like it is THE weapon of a desantnik. So it's an essential tool of the VDV recon. Desantnik razetka is meant to blow lots of stuff up
Would be nice if event organizers had more missions for that purpose.
The narrator emphasizes the point about the explosives. ,,they carry lots of explosives, lots and lots of explosives''
Again to emphasize the importance of explosives, when packing the RD-54, they always go on top (easiest/first to access item).
Besides around six of those explosives bricks, looks like they get at least one PMN-2. In the background you can hear someone asking Vasilii where the MONs are. Unless I misheard, and he is asking wear the ,,lemons'' (F-1's) are.

An interesting point that might be very different from Western special forces, only the commander knows whats going on. Absolutely no one else is to know. They are just to be ready for anything and everything.

I like that their weapons have camo wraps. And that they are rocking the NRS' (shooting knives) :grin:
I also like that their AKS74N's have plum front grips, like the way I run mine for non-Soviet games.

Here, they are assaulting a facility

Using the NRS to clip wires looks more practical than using the bayonet. Wish there was at least a semi functional replica available.
It shows sniper team working. Foliage used in the foliage loops on his KLMK. For some reason he is using an SVD and a VSS. I find it very strange that VDV razvetchiki were not issued VAL instead of VSS, especially when this particular sniper is carrying two primary weapons. He ends up shooting the VSS with just iron sights anyway. His partner is the senior soldier, and he is rocking an AKS74N with a PSOP/PSO-1 which is wrapped.
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Re: VDV Recon Training Video from 1997

Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:30 pm

I found the complete video! :VDV:

You can ignore the cover image of the video, because it doesn't even feature those guys :roll:

There is some really interesting stuff in there. Besides what I mentioned earlier, you can see them make camp. Including setting up security, and caches for extra kit. I really like how they made that, and I think that would be really great to incorporate into what we do as the PAVN at 'Namsoft events.

I really liked their radio. Not the small one purse radio strapped to one of their backs. But there is a digital encryption burst radio that they set up. The antena for it is kind of awesome, as it is a telescoping pole. That radio operator was some serious business. Kind of reminded me of a GI Joe caracter from the 1980s.

You also see them use a SpN P-P when one of them crosses the river. You also see him later use the bag/pillow from the SpN P-P to haul out dirt that they used to make their cache. And when they were making that cache hidy hole, they were clearly using "saperka." Not the MPL-50 we are all familiar with that is incorrectly referred to as a saperka, but an actual one that comrade Monah described. Seems that in addition to having a folding blade, the handle is also longer. Definitely need to get my hands on one now!

You can also see that they have modified their classic RD-54s. One had sewn on the shovel pouch of the RD-54 to the body of it. But it seems that he sewn the handle part shut and it's simple an extra outer pocket. Another one had the VDV messkit pouch attached there. Really wish I had kept a spare RD when I had the chance.
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