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 Post subject: Subdueing my shells
PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 3:23 pm 
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I have 11 Madbull 120rd shells. I got them because they were at the time the best shells to get. A reliable brand, and a great capacity of BBs. And no one made any subdued shells at the time, so it didn't really matter. Especially since my 6Sh92 pouches hid their shiny gold selves hidden out of sight very well.

But my Soviet VOG pouches don't hide them as well. So I finally got to doing what I had wanted to do for a long time. Even though my vest hid them well, in photos they would still be seen in the barrel of my GP30, and I always wanted at least paint the fronts of the gray, like real VOGs. In the Soviet VOG pouch shows even more, so I had no choice but to paint at least half of them gray.

Why half? Well, the question should be, 'why were they only sold in shinny colors before?' Because they are relatively expensive, and you wouldn't want to drop one in the woods and not find them. And I still don't want to loose any, so the parts that wouldn't be seen when in the pouch or barrel, I decided to leave gold.

This is how I prepped each shell
I used masking tape for the lower half of the shell. Above the line where the two halves screw into each other. I wanted to maintain its ability to be taken apart, so I wanted to avoid paint getting into the seams and preventing me from unscrewing them in the future. The top had a small piece to protect the fill/charging nozzle from getting gunked up with paint. I also wanted to avoid drying out the O-ring that retains the BBs in the shell, so I cut a thin strip of masking tape and then tucked it in over the O-ring. I also put a piece of masking tape on the trigger, in case I got sloppy and put it into wet paint and risk gunking up the firing mechanism.

After the first coat of paint
The paint was supposed to take 10 minutes to dry, but I didn't want to risk it. I decided to apply 1 coat a night.

After the 2nd coat
I don't now if the brass fill holes are going to be an issue yet. If so, I think I'm just going to use a gray Sharpie to subdue them. I left the tape over the retention O-rings. I figured they aren't doing any harm, why bother? :???:

I might also subdue the bottoms of the shells, because when I store them in my 6Sh104, the bottoms face outward. They don't protrude like on the Soviet pouches, but if they shine from an angle, I'll probably take the sharpie to them.

The bulk of my time was spent on the masking tape portion. For paint, I used a gray primer by Krylon. As you can tell, the shade of gray looks different, depending on the light. Too dark for the real VOGs, but much better than their previous colors.


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