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 Post subject: upgrading TSLFx hand grenades
PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 5:21 pm 
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This project is entirely credited to TJ. He told me what to do.

Why would you do this modification?
If where you play that rules typically require a grenade to actually project some sort of fragmentation to actually count as a hit on a player.
Also, it helps reduce the rattle sound of the grenade.
And its just way more cooler when more things fly out of it when it detonates.

What you will need:
TLSFx hand grenade
Knife (I was using a hobby knife here)
Paper glue
Junk BBs (.12g or whatever you want to use)
Small screw driver (not necessary actually)

For safety reasons, the ring is taped to the body. That is to prevent an accidental pulling of the pin while working on it. Safety first!

The TLSFx hand grenades are cardboard with a small fire cracker and a friction igniter above it attached to a ring. Inside the body of it, it is filled a fraction of the way with dried peas and the fire cracker from the fuse sits in the center of it.

Just cut with a knife into the spherical body part around the fuse.
The fuse comes out and you can see the contents of the body.
As you can see, it's filled just barely half way.

When cutting the fuse from the body, it helps to use a thiner blade because you destroy less of the cardboard, so there aren't sizing issues when you reconstruct it.

The fuse
I am guessing that that is an expiration date. So that would explain why some make bigger bangs than others. That and exposure to the elements before you use it. It is house ind cardboard after all.

The body filled with new fragmentations
I just added .12g BBs on top of the dried peas. You might want to empty the peas and fill it with just BBs. A good use for junk BBs. Maybe BB's you have shot around the house and collected. Or just .12g BBs that come in massive quantities and for cheap prices. Or you can mix it up to vary the fragmentation dispersion.

Before you reassemble it, you will want to stick something in there. There needs to be room for the fuse to sit amongst the BBs. Thats where you might want to use a small screw driver to displace the BBs to compensate for the fuse when reassembled. When you have shifted around the BBs and are sure the fuse will fit, you can glue the two pieces back together. Obviously, you will want the body to be sitting securely on a table, and you will be inserting the fuse in a downward fashion. Trying to avoid BBs spilling out.

Liberally applying the paper glue to the circumference of the hole in the body, and of the fuse where it meets the body. If you used a thicker blade, the hole might end up wider than the fuse, so gluing them two back together would be impossible.

For good measure, I actually applied some more glue over the seam.

I had a video demonstrating the difference in sound of an unmodified one and a modified one, but I can't find it on my youtube at the moment. Maybe I never uploaded it...

So this is a simple mod that makes a great difference. Used this in a room during Liberty Canyon, and the result was spectacular!

Now that you have an idea of how these things are built, a great project would be to make our own! Make the bodies smaller, into RGD-5 style paper mache bodies. Because the TLSFx bodies are awfully wide.

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