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 Post subject: Kazakh VDV film
PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:30 pm 
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Despite how hold the film looks like, it was only shot in 2000, not 1970 :roll:
This is about Kazakhistani desantniki, called 'Desant'
Sorry, no subtitles, it's in Russian.

It does try to tell a story with tiny bit of insight into the characters, but I guess you guys can totally skip that. There's a lot of that in the start and the end of the film.

Kazakhstan maintains many of the Soviet traditions, and mirrors the Russian style of how kit is worn from this period. This is the period we are replicating. The differences are few. They were what looks like Les pattern instead of Fora. Their cockades are different. Their botinki have double buckles, which the standard Russian botinki do not have. That is all as far as the differences go.

They are prizivniki called up to serve. Get their training. There is a war game that they totally kick *** because they commandeer the other side's helicopter and use it to land at the enemy's command post that pays them no mind, and they are able to take them out. They are then deployed to a border outpost. Not sure if it is their own border or if they are doing guard duty on behalf of one of the other 'stans on the border with Afghanistan. They intercept some smugglers on the river traveling past their outpost. Then they go out on a patrol I think on their BRT when they are ambushed. They fight off the ambush and suffer needless casualties due to trying to rescue a god damn guitar and then not providing cover fire for the last man to get on the Mil.

It was a nice film. Showed some Kazakh character. Their VDV seems more gentle than the Russian one. It had some interesting stuff, like in the war game, you see the Kazahk infantry/motorifles still using the Soviet LBV (belt+suspenders kit). When they are deployed they are rocking 6b2s, 6B3s, and camo version 6B3s (or maybe they were 6B5s? I watched the movie only once, late at night). There was an interesting scene where a 6B2 was taken off and used as a shield and shooting through the head hole.


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