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 Post subject: PKMS Project
PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 3:46 pm 
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I believe I have assembled all of the parts necessary to begin work on the PKMS.

What is a PKMS you ask?  No, it's not a PKM with a folding stock... this time, the S stands for "Tripod Mounted".  :D

Parts List:

PKM:  Check!
Stepanov Tripod: Check!
"Maxim" type 250rd Ammo Cans: Check! (Thanks to Phoenix on the East Wind boards!)
Donor Airsoft PKM Ammo Can: Check!
Dummy rounds, belt, and Starter Tab: Check!
Feed Hoses and Spring: Check!

Plan:  Gut the internals of the airsoft ammo can.  Graft them into the Maxim can.  Cut the lid of the airsoft ammo can, and cut it down into a "feed tray".  Attach this feed tray to the bottom of the PKM in such a way that it fits while mounted to the tripod.  Butcher the wiring harness so the Maxim can is in "always powered, always feeding" mode.  Do this without altering the PKM in any way so it can still be used dismounted.

Sneak Peak/Teaser Pics:

Donor ammo cans courtesy of Phoenix.  The small green one (100rd assault can) is one of my airsoft PKM ammo cans.


Threw more of my real cans in a pile.  The baby **** brown assault can has 100 dummy rounds, fully belted, with starter tab.


Another angle.  I may have every possible variant of "Soviet Green" here, lol.


My goal is to only convert one of the Maxim boxes to ammo feeding.  The second box will be filled with Bags of BB's.  The plan is to deploy this guy according to Soviet Doctrine.  I believe a 2 man crew is involved:

The Gunner carries the PKM with Assault Drum attached, so it's usable in this configuration.
The Assistant Gunner carries 2 250rd ammo cans and the Stepanov Tripod.  I'll have to find out if this guy accepts a sling, as it has sling loops.

Deploy the tripod
Attach a 250rd can to the tripod.
Open the can and pull out the feed belt mechanism and dummy ammo belt.  Drop it in the "tray" where the PKM will go.
Remove the Assault Drum and clear the weapon.
Attach the weapon to the tripod
Connect Power and Feed cables to the PKM.
Listen for winding noises in the ammo can.
Load the dummy belt into the PKM feed tray and cycle the charging handle all the way rearward, then all the way forward.
Begin protecting our communist ways from capitalist HATO aggression.

Right now, all I do is sit behind it and go "pew pew pew" while traversing and elevating.

Probably not going to make the feed system long enough for "anti aircraft mode", which IMO is a bit silly for this guy.  It doesn't lock into the tripod in AA mode.  It just rests on the front lugs.  An unattended PKM will simply fall off of the front lugs when it's weight shifts.  The feed system will be long enough to fully traverse and elevate as far as the mechanism will allow in the "ground" position.

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