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 Post subject: Op: Shahrazad (7/26-28/13) Chester, NY
PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2013 12:43 am 
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New Lion Claws event in our neck of the woods.

1 LaGuardia Road ▪ Chester, NY 10918
It is about the same distance as PSI or Zulu.
And it is totally on the way to my dacha.

But, you know how overpriced Lion Claws events are.
And this is not Russian or Soviet themed. Not even Communist.
But it is a real world CQB environment, like the Scranton Lace Factory that Op: Red Storm East was held in. But I think on a smaller scale.

Operation SHAHRAZAD شهرزاد

With the American war on terror pushing varies groups into hiding, the most well trained and hardcore of these soldiers came under the charismatic leadership of a man only known as Sayfullah.
Sayfullah formed hidden base camps all over the world where they trained in tactics and warfare.
To meet the enemy they must be as well trained and twice as ruthless. These men now train groups like Al-Qaeda, Jaish-e-Mohammed , and others taking the training to levels never seen before.
. In the Spring of 2013 DEVGRU located and took out a small cell camp and military intelligence
has gotten the information on a one of Sayfullah's major training camps Shahrazad.
Shahrazad due to its location, air strikes have been ruled out and the ISA has decided to send a joint task force to capture these complexes. Sayfullah's forces are as well trained as any force the US has ever faced, and they have the home field advantage...Each side will be well prepared....You will decide the outcome.

MSG Mad Max Mullen has been appoint to lead this task force

SFC Mike “Bubba” Moore will take on the role of Sayfullah

Uniform US side Multicam Marpat Despat AOR1 AOR2 ICU Must be full uniform
Shahrazad Side Terrorist attire NOT PMC Not US Spec ops

The US Side has a limit of 150 players
The Shahrazad Side has limit of 100 players

This will not be be a simple force on force game, tactics and missions goals will be important to victory in this Operation.

THis will not be a semi only OP.......full auto and support weapons will be allowed outside. Indoors will be semi only.

It is the ATTENDEE's responsibility to read all updates in the OLCMSS forums.

Registration Fee:

$190 for non-alumni
$160 for alumni of past OLCMSS series three-day Ops such as Lion Claws, Hac Bao, Irene, Northern Wind, Northern Light, Night Scorpion, Red Storm, Lightning Strike, Bull Dog, etc.

Ensure you select the appropriate Registration Type on the registration form to get the proper discount!

Full payment is required at the time of registration. In short, until your payment is in, your NAME IS NOT ON THE LIST. This is to avoid deadbeats holding up space for no reason.

Last day for D.O.R. (Drop On Request) is July 10, 2013. No refund after July 10, 2013! $40 processing fee is applicable on any registration changes; DOR, replacement, etc. LE, Military, Firefighters are exempt with valid proof of duty.

All AEG's must pass 366 FPS with .25 BB's (not 1 FPS over) *standard OLCMSS FPS
Glass/Clear BB's NOT ALLOWED!
Semi Only! indoors at this event.
SAW's: NOT ALLOWED indoors.
Snipers: NOT ALLOWED indoors.
Grenades: No Nerf grenades. M203 nerf rockets OK. Training Flashbangs OK.
Full Face Protection highly recommended.
Mouth Guard/Protection required.
Fully sealed googles required. NO EXCEPTIONS!

DAY PARKING only provided, no camping at this AO.

Visit the forums for local hotel and campground information.

Membership fee covers:

Right to participate in Shahrazad annual members only airsoft event: full day on July 27th and half day on July 28th
Photo and autograph opportunity with event VIP's
Event commemorative patch
Event commemorative swag
Door Prize ticket for Sunday drawing
Experience MOUT like never before!

All applications are subject to review and screening. We reserve the right to REJECT any application from anyone deemed unfit to be a part of this event.

No private camcorders allowed (other than helmet cams) while at the AO. Simply no private taping allowed.

Only participants are allowed at the AO, enforced by game staff.

Uniform Requirements:

Shahrazad CO SFC "Bubba" Moore
Uniform: Terrorist mis-match attire, no PMC look, no full uniform

JSOG CO MSG "Mad Max" Mullen
Uniform: AOR-II, AOR-I, ACU, must be full uniform

No Exceptions, please do not ask.

This event is an ECO friendly/biodegradable BB's and low/mid cap magazine only event.

No Exceptions, please do not ask.

Registration is already open.
Bottom of the page to register.

Admin's photos from the facility

I love the opportunity to play at an interesting field, especially one that is so close. But it's out of my budget. And a bit left field of my general interest.
Unless I can get in like I did for Op:RSE2, I'm not attending. Anyone considering it?


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