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 Post subject: Op: Allied Force (8/18-19/12) GMSOG, VT
PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:54 am 
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This looks like a very interesting event. I have wanted to attend a GMSOG event for a couple of years now.
But it is in VT, that is, Vermont, so it is not close. But the really interesting stuff never is.

GMSOG Operation Allied Force Aug 18-19th with helicopters!

GMSOG Operation Allied Force

Date May: Aug 18-19th
Registration : opens Aug 1st
Location: GMSOG Airsoft Charlotte VT on over 100 acres

Time: gates open at 8:30am Saturday Aug 18th Safety briefing at 9:30 and event start at 10:00. Operations cease Saturday at 17:30. Gates open again at 8:30 on Sunday Aug 18th with a 9:30 safety briefing. Operation resumes at 10:00 and ceases at 16:30.

PRICE: $30 pre reg at or $45 at the gate

Logistics: On-site camping and a fire pit with plenty of fire wood but no water or power access. A port-a-potty is on site. Bring plenty of water and flashlights.
Mrs. Tiger will also be on site selling her famous truffle burgers and more for lunch on Saturday .This year she has new, professional field cooking capabilities! She has a field kitchen from the British Army that is being imported from the UK, so there will be fresh baking in the two ovens on site.
We will also have Umarex bio bb's for sale and have 10 Umarex M4 and G36's available for rental.
There are places that offer dinner in the evening nearby.

NATO Rapid Reaction forces - A-TACS FG, Multi cam, DPM, tiger stripe) no exception! All slots filled!

Kosovo Liberation Army - civilian cloths

Serbian Army- BDU, DCU, flectarn, Russian camouflage patterns, and Marpat

You will also need a red rag, the ability to carry at least one litre of water into the field with you.
Proper hiking or military boots - NO SNEAKERS as they are unsafe in this terrain.
Approved goggles or safety glasses (no mesh or ski goggles).
Most importantly a positive attitude.
FPS limits are 400 fps with .25bb's for all none DMR and sniper systems.
550 with .25 for all DMR and sniper systems and must be bolt action or semi only. All players wanting to use a DMR and sniper system must pass the sniper safety course. It is 2hrs and will be offered on the Saturday of the event.

Price and basic over view: . This is a MIL-SIM event and you should please treat it as such and bring a positive attitude! We will be using the GMSOG ammo rule. You may carry unlimited mid caps or 2 high caps. You cannot reload in the field but only at your FOB or designated supply areas. We will also be using a updated version of Bo's wounded rule.

If you have not seen a GMSOG MIL-SIM event please watch this video. It will give you a little taste of what we have to offer. ... ata_player

A) Serbian Forces have surrounded KLA forces in there last two enclaves. The KLA is heavily under manned and out gunned. Serbian forces are pre pairing a final offensive to finish off these two enclaves with heavy artillery and armor.

Area of Operations
Entire AOR is considered hostile except for the KLA enclaves of Bill Hill and the Supply Depot.

KLA forces are to hold there enclaves and protect local population
NATO Rapid reaction forces are to eliminate Serbian artillery, armor, AAA, and SAM sites. Secondary objective are to escort in aid convoys to KLA enclaves.


A) Heavy NATO air support
1 Claw 1-1. (R44 troop transport)
1b Claw 1-2 (R22 gunship)

B) NATO ground support
1 High Light (armed recce land rover)
2 Goliath (Land Rover 101 transport)

Command and Signal
A) Tiger actual (NATO commander)
B) Wolf actual (Serbian commander

We'd be portraying the Serbian forces. Those helicopters and rovers, I suspect they are only for the NATO Rapid Reaction forces. But I suspect that we will have lots of props to protect. I've seen a video of them using a light helicopter at their field with a Vulcan mounted in it. GMSOG typically plays as the special Opfor team at Ft. Drum events. They have also been developing a laser system to use with vehicles to knock them out. This should be interesting. Oh, and camping, so we can make a real manly weekend out of this.

Perhaps, we can encourage the real Serb themed team, Eastern Wolves, to attend as well. Would be great!


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