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 Post subject: Grenade handmade
PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2012 4:05 am 

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Making plaster molds for casting grenades from the paraffin.


# Gypsum (Alabaster). Can be bought at DIY stores.

# Pomegranate, which will remove the form.

# Oily substance is not soluble by water, such as petrolatum, lube.

# Board.

# Scotch.

# Superglue.

# Varnish or paint of any color.


A. Scissors.

Two. Round file.

In order to make the form, above all, need to "Plural" (that is, with what you want to remove the form.) For example, I used an iron hull of the training of F-1. Then you need to glue the cardboard rectangular box with walls, but without the top cover. In width, length and height of a box made ​​from all sides for 7-15 mm larger than the sizes of the grenades, which remove the form. The grenade is placed horizontally. The next step should be to cover the surface of the discs, such as petroleum jelly, then it will be easier to get out of shape. Prepare a solution of gypsum, mixing it with water. Be sure that the solution was thoroughly mixed, and there was no dry lumps. Since the solution solidifies relatively quickly, it should immediately pour into our box up half of it. It is desirable to prepare the desired volume of the solution at a time, or if it is to fill in portions, it is likely that he will harden prematurely. After that pushes half grenade in a cast (Fig. 1). ... .small.jpg ... .small.jpg

It is important to make sure that did not work "reverse angle" way without having to break the form blank does not pull it off. After solidification of the first half of the form, you can get the disc, cover it with Vaseline, and the mold surface at the contact line in the second half (Fig. 2). Then the bed grenade back into shape and fill with a solution of gypsum. To avoid bubbles, the solution for the upper half is more liquid to cook. As it turns out the second half (Fig. 3). ... .large.jpg

After drying, share, and take out the disc shape. However, some pieces may fall off the form, but they are fine then glued with superglue. In the form of a file grinds a hole on the side where the fuse is screwed to fill in the form of wax (gate) (Fig. 4). ... .small.jpg ... .small.jpg

Plaster mold can be covered with varnish or paint to make it less brittle and does not absorb water (to cool the forms). In a similar way you can make a form of epoxy resin - is somewhat more complicated, but it is more robust and durable (Fig. 5). In this case, add epoxy powder - silver paint, so that she sank to the bottom of the form and squeezed the air bubbles, then the inner surface of the mold will be smoother. For the strength of epoxy can put fiberglass. ... .small.jpg

Production of paraffin grenades


A. Paraffin. You can use wax technology.

Two. Clipped the neck of a 5-liter container of water or under any similar-sized cylinder.

Three. The dye for fabrics (aniline). Sold in the transitions, the layouts.

4. Oily substance.

Five. Plasticine.


A. Knife.

Two. Drill bit diameter used firecrackers ("Corsair 4" ~ 13-14 mm).

For the manufacture of paraffin grenades, you must first prepare the form. To do this, the inner surface of the mold is lubricated with oil to wax does not stick to the form. I have a good result is not all oils, so it's worth experimenting. Lubricated with oil should form prior to making any new grenades. The two halves are joined together and form countersigned. Then, over the hole for pouring wax attached to the neck of the bottle. It should be good to consolidate around the perimeter of the clay. This is done because the wax cools decreases in volume, and a grenade turned out to be a whole pour more paraffin (Fig. 6). ... .small.jpg

The form is ready, now get down to the melting wax. For this purpose the most convenient to make a "water bath" (a container with water in which the second container with wax). After melting the paraffin adding aniline (for F-1, you can use shades of green, black - the color of a training grenade) and stir. After that, fill in the form of wax to the top. If the form is well painted, it can be put on the cooling water (time ~ 30-40 minutes) or so and leave only the wax will harden approximately 50-60 min (Fig. 7). ... .small.jpg

The form can be put into the water after a few minutes after pouring the wax, or water may be in the form of zatech through the cracks. It is necessary to monitor and to ensure that water droplets do not fall into uncured paraffin, or later in the garnet will sink. After this time, take a knife and cut off the top with a stiff neck in it with paraffin. Take a drill and cut a hole under the future petard (as soft paraffin, the drill can be scrolled manually) (Fig. 8). ... .small.jpg

Inside the grenade will still be liquid paraffin, it begins to harden on the walls. By varying the cooling time can be achieved with different wall thicknesses. Then pour the excess wax from the grenade into the hole and fill it with water for 2-5 minutes. Paraffin wax from the mold and the bottle is used for the next grenade. Now you can open the form. After the removal of one half, a grenade should also be cool for a few minutes. The easiest way to remove the grenade from the second half, inserting firecrackers into the hole for the drill, and lift. Now you just, if necessary, trim the uneven seam. Our pomegranate ready (Fig. 9)! ... .small.jpg

PS: From one kg of paraffin obtained 08.07 grenades. To make better use of paraffin grenades under the form F-1 or similar to grenades, as they have a better dispersion of the fragments because of the "blocks" on which it terminates. I used the grenade in the summer, and yet none of them melted from the heat, but just in case a grenade in hot weather should be transported in a sealed package. With a normal wall thickness of grenades, it can withstand quite a blow against the wall.


МОРГ - Место Отдыха Развед Группы

882-d a separate battalion, 810-th "Of a name of the 60th anniversary of the formation of the USSR" separate brigade of marine infantry the black sea naval fleet USSR.

 Post subject: Re: Grenade handmade
PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2012 4:14 am 

Joined: Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:57 am
Posts: 28
Location: СССР, Горoд-герой Киев.
One more

This process is best described in three stages: the creation of forms to fill, making the initiators of closed-fuse, filling grenades and the final work.

So the first step - the creation of forms for F-1.
This will require a mock grenade - MMG or its copy.
The first option - paraffin forms.
Take a jar of canned food (green peas, tomato paste, etc.), cut out the bottoms of both the bank and cut along the (exactly).
Then it is contractible elastic band to make a hollow cylinder and glued with tape along the seam that does not wax flowed - formwork is ready to fill.
Put this in a newspaper thicker casing, watch all stood exactly, without gaps.
Set up a grenade into the middle of the formwork.
Now melts the wax in a water bath, it will take about 4 candles on one form.
When the wax becomes liquid full, remove and cool it naturally.
As soon as he begins to thicken pour it into the mold, pressing it to paper.
Hot wax is very fluid, do not cooled.
Fill it with a grenade in the neck that left an opening for loading torpedoes.
Bay can blow that quickly began to solidify.
Cool the entire structure until the wax is thick thoroughly.
Then the tape peels, gum, and disclose the formwork.
HOT knife, carefully cut the shape into three parts for 120-degree circle.
In the two should not be cut, shape quickly fall apart.
The grenade will fall out by itself.
The form is ready!
Contractible elastic band, and it can be used.
I have a hole at the bottom of the form - after a grenade was in the newspaper.
This is normal, through the hole, water will leave the mixture.
Paraffin forms of short-lived, 10-20 fills garnet, depending on accuracy, and must be redone.
However, paraffin-embedded material is renewable, so it is not particularly scary.

Oryginal ... y-f-1.html

МОРГ - Место Отдыха Развед Группы

882-d a separate battalion, 810-th "Of a name of the 60th anniversary of the formation of the USSR" separate brigade of marine infantry the black sea naval fleet USSR.

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