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 Post subject: Looking the part
PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:46 am 
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This thread explains in detail the T.S.S.R. uniform requirements.
Getting your uniform to look 100% is not mandatory for those looking to join.
It should be something to continually improve towards.

The very basic requirements are:

Flora uniform - listed in order of preference: 88/97, 03, M21 ripstop or Mabuta version
Flora kepi
VDV Telnyashka - light blue stripped shirt, can be sleeveless or sleeved version (good to have both)
Black boots

The look to strive for:
Seen are officers of VDV razvetchiki (Russian airborne recon).
They are wearing 88/97 or 03 version Flora uniforms with VDV collar tabs, collar liners, ranks (most of you don't need to worry about that), recon patch on their right arm pocket, and Russian Armed Forces/Flag patch on the left arm pocket.
Under the blouse you can see the telnyashka. As a matter of espiret de corps, VDV show their stripes when possible. Almost all VDV dress regulations will show the telnyashka.
The razgruzka/load bearing kit seen here is a 6Sh92. All kit options can be seen in the kit thread.
There beret for our purposes is only a suggested item, and is not necessary

Another look at desantniki (term for the actual airborne troops) in the above listed kit
In the field they are not wearing the beret, but you do find them with their Flora kepi and helmets in Flora covers

(more photo references to come)

Wearing your uniform
As mentioned earlier, when you wear your uniform, your stripes should so. It's a matter of pride for desantniki. For practicality purposes, you can button up the last button if it is cold. Or if absolutely necessary to reduce your visibility. The last is a weak case, consider that if you are standing or moving, you are already exposed.

It is standard practice for most airborne units around the world to blouse their tops into their pants. And their pants into their boots. This is standard practice for VDV as well. The only except is the Mabuta uniform which is not meant to be bloused into the pants and has an extra fold that goes over the boot while another part is inside the boot. This also has a practical aspect because when you blouse your pants and your shirt, you are reducing the chance of ticks and other insects of getting inside of your uniform. And in the colder months it helps your body reduce the amount of body heat that escapes.

You have the option to remove the lower pockets of the blouses from your 88/97 and 03 version uniforms so you could blouse them into your pants easier. Some have even transfered those pockets to their 03 version uniforms (because 03 versions lack cargo pockets on the pants). Or you can simply just tuck the blouse and have the lower pockets partially exposed if you have a big gut. I recommend carefully removing them.

The pants have stirrups and ankle ties. Ignore the ankle ties, but use the stirrups. The way you button the stirrup inside the pant leg determines how long it is. The stirrup is there to help keep your pants inside of your boot.

There is now an official team specific patch.
Previously, in place of a custom T.S.S.R. we used the generic Russian recon patch. The above photo shows the yellow version, but we have been using the blue version, because it is less conspicuous compared to the yellow one. One will be made available after you are offered membership on the team. It is meant to be worn on your Flora uniform. It can be worn on other kit to show team solidarity, except on Soviet uniforms. They are 3" and have velcro hooked backing, and are made of vinyl. You will need to add your own velcro loops to your Flora uniform (or sew it directly onto your Flora uniform).

Recommended gear:
Because the 88/97 and 03 Flora uniforms are made of a heavy cotton, they are uncomfortable to play in during the hot Summer weekends. For some people at least. An alternative piece of kit is a KLMK. This is a single piece over-suit. It is made of a light cotton fabric and the disruptive pattern is specifically designed for Summer use. In addition to the practical reasons, KLMK is a mark of coolness, because it was originally only issued to elite troops like razvetchiki/recon and VDV units. It was also seen used in a very popular Soviet film that drove up enlistment to VDV. It is a classic uniform, used from the late '60s to today. Even used by other former Soviet republics. This is the cheapest alternative to having a legit uniform to use for a classic kit because they are readily available at prices considerably less than an 'afghanka.'
We have a thread dedicated to KLMK coolness.
(will post some here specifically)

It is meant to be worn over a uniform. When the KLMK was first introduced, standard uniforms were khaki. Camouflage was a special issued item. For Summer games, you don't need to wear a uniform under it. Just your telnyashka, and shorts or pant. It is a very thin uniform, so I recommend pants. Because it is an over-suit you wear it over your boots, you don't tuck it in. And you don't have to close the last button or wear the hood, unless you really need to go invisible. This simple pattern is actually very effective by breaking up the human figure and blending it with a back ground of of woods on a sunny day.

The beret is not essential. There are very few events that are appropriate for us to wear the beret in the actual game. If you get the beret, it should only be worn in the staging area to help tie us together in the eyes of spectators as a team. And it can be worn during photo opportunities. It is a good thing to have, just in case. You never know when the right time to put berets on will occur in the future. Beret style has changed since it was introduced in the Soviet Union, and during 1990s Russia and today. The berets available today are generally small in diameter and lack the chin strap. But despite the changes over time, there have been constants:
1) The beret is worn folded/shaped and/or slanted down to your right side.
2) On the front and center, just above the draw string liner is worn a cockade.
3) On the left side of your head goes a flash (sometimes it is omitted)
You can see the two kinds of cockades used. The modern standard is a star in an oval for soldati/soldiers, and for officers it is that with the addition of a wreath. On your left side of the beret, goes a flash. In most cases, it is a small Russian eagle.
Generally, the modern style for berets contours the the shape of your head. Sometimes stuffing is used so that the cockade stands better. The stuffing is minimal.
Some other examples.
(this is not a uniform to emulate, this is the uniform for units in the CSTO, and those units only, we use Flora)
(this is a unit specific used uniform, and since we are not emulating that specific unit, don't even ask about this uniform)

Sometimes the flash is omitted.
(despite Russia switching over to Digital Flora uniform, T.S.S.R. will not being following suit in the near future, for multiple reasons)

There is some variation between the way individual desantniki do it. For T.S.S.R. if you are going to use a beret, make sure it is shaped distinctly to your right side, with little or no stuffing to keep it low, and a flash on your left side.

Soviet version wasn't just different in style, but also in design. Real Soviet VDV berets are rare to find.


 Post subject: Re: Looking the part
PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:09 pm 
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Very informative! =)

"War never changes." (c)

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