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 Post subject: Lightning/Thunder/Storm Gates (film)
PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 9:39 pm 
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This is a four part mini-series inspired by real events during Chechnya part II. This series/movie is around 8 years old at this point. Made in 2006, but inspired by events I think in 2000.
The movie is about Russian Army sent to stop a massive mujaheddin incursion into Russia. It features a Motorifle, assisted by a GRU unit. This is not the only movie to follow this type plot. I think I watched this movie the first time seven years ago.

"Grozovye Vorota" literally translates as Lightning Gates. Figuratively as Gates of Thunder or maybe storm gates.
The beginning is a terrorist hit. Which then feels almost like watching a disaster movie.
Then you get to see a scene of families parting with their sons, called up to do their service. You meet the guy from a rich family that is choosing to keep his mom from pulling him away from service (typically most guys try to get out of service) and a rural guy. Then you get to meet the different officers. Lots of flashbacks expanding on each guys history/background. Lots of drama is typical for a Russian war movie.

Some good points to take from this would be how they line up and respond. Russian army lingo. If you turn on the closed captions, and if you're doing this in Chrome ( think) you can get the translation in English. So non-Russian speaking comrades can watch this and follow the plot etc. You can see how the senior soldiers (dedi) treat/interact with the new soldiers (duhi --also the same term used for the muj--). You can see how the starshi/senior parporshik (warrant officer) is super laid back (in flip flops, in charge of the vodka). You can see their bakelite mags are a good color for the ones that Mag brand makes.

Also, great to see action with AKS74s, to inspire you to love yours even more. A little bit of VSS action too. This was the first time I saw the VSS.

This is right after the 1990s, so the state of Russian army is less than ideal. And the point is that the units sent to hold that hill are there to draw out the enemy. Knowingly put at those gates to lure the overwhelming force out into the open before bringing down the army's hammer.
Their unit/branch patches and collar tabs are what I'd refer to as transitional. Motorifles have crossed rifles in a wreath instead of a star in a wreath like it was prior to and after these.
It's weird that when the main Motorifles characters fly down to Chechnya they are wearing 6B12 armor and Grad-2 vests, but when they are actually there they are wearing 6B3 and 6B5 armor vests. Probably a movie shooting production error.
They are using R-159 back pack radios. And maybe also the R-392. Kind of motivates me to get them.



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